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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

just found some new details on sv comic:
On When Smallville: Season 11 Is Set:

So in the finale, there was this seven year time jump that went to everyone seven years in the future. We are not that far in. We're six months after Clark became Superman for the first time and pushed Apokolips out of orbit, because we had a proto-Darkseid causing some chaos and Apokolips was going to crash into Earth and people were not happy! Superman saved Air Force One with Lois on it and then he pushed the planet out of orbit. So it's kind of Superman: Year One with a Smallville cast of characters.

On Whether Or Not We'll See The Likes Of Batman And Wonder Woman:

People keep asking that, it's the weirdest thing! [laughs] There's certainly a chance for lots of DC guest stars to show up, and lots of DC guest stars will show up. But the focus is primarily on Clark as Superman. So if they do come in, just like they did on the show, it would somehow have to inform what Clark is going through. I mean there's a cast of at least five characters, possibly more, who are regulars in the comics. It's definitely an ensemble piece, so people will come in and out but there's already a very large pool of characters to play with.

On The Status Of Lex Luthor In The Series:

I would say that the situation you have is a Lex Luthor who has lost his memory after he killed his half-sister Tess. Whether or not he remembers that moment could be up for debate. He definitely came back into the world with Apokolips in the sky and a dead Tess on the floor in his office. Our cast knows that the last person to see Tess alive was Lex, so whether or not he remembers it, I think that is kind of a dark stain on Lex's "new man" status. They all know that even though he may say it was just a suicide, they don't really believe that after everything Tess went through she would do that. Whether or not there are consequences to it, even if she's not there I think Tess is still very present.

On Introducing New Characters And The Chances Of Seeing Connor Kent Return:

In the first arc, we meet a former astronaut named Hank Henshaw. As for Superboy, at least not at first. Because he's tied to Martha, since she's kind of custodian for him now. I think there is an opportunity for the younger tier of heroes that we've set up, if not the Titans, then… well, we've had Blue Beetle on the show, our version of the Wonder Twins on the show, Mia never quite reached Speedy but that's not saying she can't become Speedy officially. There's definitely something to be explored in that area.

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