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Default Re: Batman Forever - The Complete Score.

Just finished listening to this and man if a score ever felt like an acid trip this score fits the description. I knew Goldenthal's score was "wacky" and "insane" at times but listening to it closely without the picture and sound. It's more wacky than I thought. I can hear stuff I couldn't hear in the film even. This score really captures the absurdity of BF well while also capturing the dramatic weight between Bruce, Chase, Robin, and Alfred. What I always loved about the score was the dramatic and heroic stuff. But people were right when they said the score includes everything including the kitchen sink. It's a very bold superhero(let alone Batman score) score, imo. It's amazing how much Goldenthal got away with even for this film. You don't hear a lot superhero scores like it even back in '95'.

The score was kind of exhausting as well not only b/c of the original '95' original album added but I was exhausted before disc 1 even finished. I never realised how busy the score was in the film. It's a real workout to listen to but I had an interesting and good time listening. You don't hear scores like this anymore especially for this genre.

The main problem I had was they didn't put some of the tracks in chronological order of the film. But i was surprised by this score though I was familiar with it through the film. I was always a fan of Goldenthal's score. And believe it to be easily the highlight of it.This has been a score I've always wanted but missed it back in 95 , but I didn't start collecting film scores till a few years later.

I never had a listening experience quite like this. This is probably the most quirky, wild, and crazy superhero score I've ever heard. Can't wait to listen to it again.

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