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Default Re: Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Transformers (1986)

Originally Posted by MaskedManJRK View Post
From the clips I saw of it, it looks like a good movie, but good f**king God that just takes me out of it, man.

I just can't take this movie seriously as an epic movie about robots beating the s**t out of each other with some whiney 80's rock band singing "YOU GOT THE TOUCH, you got the POOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEER..."
NONSENSE!!!!! The music was AWESOME!!!! Lion performing the Transformers Theme was EPIC!!!! Also love the fact that the guitarist out of that band was none other than the very talented Doug Aldrich, who plays in Whitesnake today!

Stan Bush's numbers too are great. Yes The Touch is cheesy not to mention the other song - I think it was called "Dare" or something? ♪♫ Better believe you can survive ♪♫ well that was in it.

As for this movie oh how I remember watching this in the theatre at the very innocent age of 10. I'll never forget it, and still holds dear to this day.

And now speaking of Stan Bush, thinking I'll throw this in for good measure. Featured at the end of the War for Cybertron game!

"Stop, don't run it gets easier before we get carried away, and I swear you won't want to leave here once it's done, now pretend that it's only a game ...."

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