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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mister H. View Post
Newsflash: We aren't discussing Spiderman. We are discussing TDK.
Irrelevant. They are both comic book movies. One based on a guy with spider powers, the other of a man who dresses like a giant bat.

There was nothing wrong with Dent's original disfigurement, its much more believable and would have fit in seamlessly with the concept of corrupt police officers hating Harvey Dent. They called him "Two-Face" behind his back. One of them burning off half of his face intentionally, not accidentally, would have been a better approach.
You keep looking for believability in an unbelievable world. Would it have been more poetic to deliberately disfigure half his face? Yes. Did it hurt the movie that it happened accidentally? Hell no.

And Dent may have looked like he was torn from the page of a comic book...that's the problem. Nolan spent the first film and a half of his trilogy grounding the characters in realism, stripping them down to their bare essentials, and making their appearances plausable.
The moment we learned there was a secret lair of ninjas in the Himalayas plotting to destroy cities with a microwave emitter and fear toxin, realism went out the window.

Two Face looking like Two Face was no more a problem than Batman looking like Batman from the Burton and Schumacher Batman movies.

I won't bother commenting on your other points, as it seems like you're just trying to be the loyal Nolan fanboy who'll argue with anyone that doesn't hail TDK as a masterpiece.
Awww sticks and stones. More like you haven't got a good argument to make if your past form is anything to go by, and now you're sinking to personal insults.

The writing is on the wall with you.

Having said all that, its a good movie, but Batman Begins is better.
Thanks for sharing your opinion. I don't share it though.

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