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Default Re: Team Sif/Team Foster?

. Sif has always hated Loki and Loki has always hated Sif. (All of this coming from a comic perspective or course). Sif always came off as a ***** to me and looking at the comics again, after having read Blood Brothers, it’s more than a little clear what she was trying to do from the beginning. The fact of the matter is sif was always jealous of loki , (You can see that a little bit in Tales of Asgard and, what was that comic called, The Son of argard ? course that is when Sif purposely started to tear them apart. However you can make the argument that Sif only did it to get back at Loki for all that he’s done to her, as an eye for an eye type of thing instead of tearing them apart because she wants Thor all to herself. There’s just so little to work with when it comes to their past, so its all very open to opinion. I just don’t like her, her attitude, and the way she holds herself.

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