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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

Let's worry about Jennifer's schedule when we hear when Fox Is scheduling the First
Class sequel.I don't see fox releasing 2 X-Men films In the summer of 2013.

Jennifer has maintained If Mystique Is In sequel she will be back and she wants to come back.After Halle Berry won the oscar she wasn't very enthurstic about coming back for X2.She only did that because of her contract.And she attended none of the X2 premieres
and the only press she did for X2 was an appearance on Letterman.If It hadn't been for failure of Catwoman and demise of the Jinx spinoff she probally wouldn't have returned for Last Stand.Plus Jennifer has a contract with Fox.This Is fox.why would they release
her from the contract when her being In film Is now bound to create more attention for
the first Class sequel.All this talk Is mute untill we know whata timeframe Matthew Vaughn Is working on.

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