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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mister H. View Post
It's very relevant. Batman rogues don't rely on superpowers. Neither does Batman. That's why its more "believable". Comparing a guy dressing like a bat to a guy's "spider powers"? Really?
Super powers is just as unbelievable as the antics that Ra's, Joker etc did in Nolan's movies. Nothing that the likes of Ra's, Joker, Batman etc did could conceivably happen in the real world any more than what Spider-Man and Doc Ock did.

Now you're making my argument for me. Like I said, it would have been more poetic. The title of this thread is "Biggest Disappointment". That was my biggest disappointment. It could have been handled much better. And because I'm talking about MY biggest disappointment, then yes, it did hurt the my eyes.
I don't care about what you're disappointed in. That's your opinion. I was questioning the logic behind your reasons for your disappointment.

Don't know where you are coming from here.
I'm telling you that Nolan has not gone to great pains to ground anything in realism. What you see in these movies is not realistic in any way, shape, or form.

Your hang up on Two Face's appearance makes no sense.

Again, there is no reason for me to make a "good argument". The thread is here for people to discuss their biggest disappointment.
Discuss being the operative word. Discussion requires detail and a good argument. You haven't given that.

Two-Face's transformation was mine. I think it was terrible and I expect much better from the Nolans. Disagree all you want, there is really nothing to argue about.
I'm not arguing that you find it disappointing. There's nothing to argue about regarding that. It's your opinion. Like I said it was the logic behind your disappointment that I called into question.

Thank god. I'd be a little worried if we were on the same page.
There was me thinking I'd never agree with you on something

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