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Default Loki blood brothers mini-series,My thoughts on it.

My thoughts on it.

In the Loki blood brothers mini-series, there’s a flashback where we see a young Loki being taunted and called Lackey-son by sif and other children. In that verse he’d just seen his father get killed right in front of him and then he got kidnapped to another planet by the people responsible (his mother is still alive!).
So here we have a traumatized child, in hostile surroundings, being taunted with his dead dad.
Sif is creepy in Blood Brothers. Seriously creepy. From the way she talks, I’m pretty sure if Thor told her to drink Aid she’d do it, no questions asked.

For that Matter, Baldur was really creepy too. Like the Chesire Cat, except not as cool.

the blonde little girl is sif and her blonde friends.

odin and loki
I liked most about that series was when Loki confronts Odin about it and Odin has no defense. At all.
see loki 'defeat' Odin in this moral debate was just a cool scene.And odin has no answer for his adoptive son ,because he knows Loki tells the truth.

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