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Default Re: Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin confirmed for 2012

I agree with you about the casting remark Goblin. The cast should definitely be multi-racial with a more well versed Japanese/Korean director. They have the visual panache and a better understanding of these characters to a degree where the movie would be pretty darn good in all likelihood.

Definitely with you on the multi racial aspect of the cast seeing as some of the characters are clearly inspired by other cultures on their looks and names alone. Even then there are characters like Ichigo and Orihime who are natural red heads so they'd need a white or a half white/asian actor regardless of their Japanese names.

They even make a point about it in the first chapter where Ichigo says that people constantly think he's dyed his hair when in fact he's just a natural born redhead.

It would take a nuance take on casting and a very courageous director with a fidelity to the material.

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