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Default Re: Will the Red Skull Return?

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
wait... I thought he left them, because they weren't evil enough for his tastes?
In the comics yes, but what evil feats did Red Skull accomplish in the movie? The Nazis conquered most of Europe and killed 12 million people in the Holocaust.
Hydra and the Skull failed to do anything, Red Skull not being involved in the crimes of the Third Reich made him less evil not more. Red Skull didn't commit any truly evil acts of personal sadism that his comic book counter part committed. Red Skull in the movies was kinda of punk, he never had a clear victor over Cap and kept on running away. You don't get points for effort with evil, you either succeed in committing evil deeds or you fail and failing to be evil isn't very scary. Sebastian Shaw in the movies was a far more evil Nazi style villain then the Skull was. Shaw killing Magneto's mother right before his eyes is far more evil then anything the Skull did in the movies.

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