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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Wellbi agree granny/dessad and maybe kalibak was characters they should have been main threats. As for darkseid, if they wanted him full time they should have done that comics possesed plotline. Or just did a full on darkseid for like last two/three episodes. Here they could have repurposed the doomsday suit, which I sure was still in there storage unit at the time. And then had clark/him throw down. Another thing I would have liked is if they did plot like animated show did and have had clark mind wiped and turned evil by darkseid/granny. And then we could have had kara come back and turn clark back. Or the reverse kara was turned evil and clark had to turn her back. I still say the thought of vra was good, it was a plot that worked to bring the heroes into public eye and all.

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