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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

It was a proto-Darkseid version like Bryan Miller said. When people say what they should or shouldn't have done,they seem to forget the main reason we got half-ass versions of big villains is because CW cut the **** out of their budget. And I know that can't be the only excuse, cuz I do agree they could've done better things with both Darkseid and Doomsday storyline-wise. But I always believed the main reason we got weaker versions of villains is exactly because of lack of better resources. I hate with a passion what CW did to this show. BQM said Clark is in space in half of the comics' first volume while on the show they couldn't have afforded more than 4-5 seconds. I'm sure Supernatural suffers from the same. As far as S10 goes, it was good but it suffered from too many storylines they were trying to resolve simultaneously, a common problem in many tv shows.

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