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Default Re: The Best, The Worst of Smallville

Originally Posted by Szetsilya View Post
If you don't have the money to do something right then don't freakin do it at all. Budget is not an excuse imo. Movies can't even get the big stuff done right, case in point Phoenix in X-men 3, so why would those in charge of a tv show be crazy enough to think they could do what a movie studio can't. And after the fiasco that was Doomsday those in charge of Smallville should have already have known better than to even tackle Darkseid. I could give them a pass on Doomsday because they didn't know what a failure it would be, but when it comes to Darkseid they did know and yet they did it anyway.
Ah I adore people who like to pass judgment on others and say what they should've or shouldn't have done as if they know how to do a tv show better than the people who work in the movie/tv industry for years. If you look at my post again, I did say I'm not making excuses for them and they probably could've given to us something more. Darkseid or Doomsday indeed are too much to handle for a show with their resources, but what were they supposed to do? Have meteor freaks for the rest of the series? No. It was ten years, we had to get some kind of version of the big guns and Darkseid fits that category better than anyone obviously. Say what you want about his form or lack of such but he was a bigger threat than anyone Clark ever faced before. Not because he was Darkseid and we were supposed to believe he's the biggest bad cuz we're familiar with the character, but because he was gonna crash Apokolips in Earth. No other villain ever tried doing something of this magnitude on Smallville, so in the end Darkseid proved to be an apocalyptic threat. I'm not going to be a stereotypical complaining comicbook fan and take a big fat turd on the show simply because a villain is shown in a different light, whether it was cuz of budgetary reasons or not. Think of it as an alternate universe version of Darkseid, nothing more cuz that's exactly what it was.

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