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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Captain Marvel View Post
Planet Hulk should take place in a purely Hulk movie, and it should come about because of a villain, like the Leader, sending the Hulk into space. We don't need to **** all over the other heroes in the MCU to make a Planet Hulk movie work.

But yeah, while I'd like to see Planet Hulk, I can live without World War Hulk (And by "live" I mean "I don't ever want to see World War Hulk").
I enjoyed both planet hulk and wwHulk.. but i don't think it is a necessity for a hulk run of movies.

I'd love to see a no holds barred hulk show on one of the big networks like hbo or showtime or starz or whatever... Not that it has to be ridiculously gory and crazy, but when it had to go there..we could get real Hulk Smash.

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