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Default Re: Finally a Hulk Franchise?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
The problem with Hulk is that the expectation is that Bruce Banner is the main character, and Hulk the first antagonist/rival. The satisfaction comes from Hulk being the main character, and Banner being supporting. But Hulk doesn't have a lot of depth to carry a film, and he's too expensive to bring to life constantly to give him that depth.
I agree it is an expensive feat but saying Hulk doesn't have enough depth to carry a movie is wrong, people don't realise he is so much more than just 'Hulk smash'. A good example is Caesar in ROTPOTA, a fully CG creation who was able to carry a movie, Hulk has much more depth and character than Caesar, so if he can do it, Hulk can. We haven't seen the proper Hulk onscreen yet, I love both Hulk films but neither one showed comic Hulk, hasn't shown his character, his personality, his humanity or his humour, all of these things would give us an awesome Hulk.

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