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Default Re: The Official Superman Marketing Campaign Thread

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
Agreed. The only problem I had with Routh is his bad acting chops.
It's a subjective thing, but I hate the Returns suit. A lot of the problems are related to Routh's physique and his structure (long torso, narrow shoulders), but the design choices greatly exacerbate those problems. That milk ad is a perfect example. He looks bottom heavy like a woman. You don't seen the iconic V-shape associated with a strong, well-built man like Superman. One of the issues is the cape attachment. Because it is narrow and connects at the neck, the overall shoulder/chest area seems smaller. Similarly, the low-rise trunks further elongate Routh's torso. The longer the torso, the narrower a guy looks. Also, the small chest symbol - makes the upper body look smaller. Overall, the suit just makes Superman look less masculine and powerful. SO I think there is good reason for people to hate the suit.

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