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Default Re: The Official Superman Marketing Campaign Thread

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
Yeah, that's what I don't get about all the "I wanted to see Routh back" people. He really looked like he just had no clue what he was doing in that movie. He was just so... blank. Some people will try and tell you it was subtlety, but if you think that was an example of good subtle acting, then you probably also think Channing Tatum deserves an Oscar for all his blank-faced performances.
Channing Tatum was at least great in 21 Jump Street, I haven't see one performance of Routh's in which I thought that he was anything but bad or verging on bad.

He was bad on Chuck

He was terrible in Dylan Dog

He was bad on a Fear itself episode

His performances in bit roles haven't been good either.

His best performance was in Superman Returns and that's probably because Singer is good at directing actors but that still is not a good performance in the slightest.

I hate to take us back to 2006 and re-litigate things but I just do not understand how anybody likes him as an actor. I am so happy that he is gone. I'm not saying that Cavill is Deniro or anything but I thought he was 1000 percent better than Routh in the few things I've seen him in.

Now I'm going to jump back into 2012...

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