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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Cardshark View Post
My guess is that the x-men and Avengers will have to work together at some point.

There's an article on some of the possibilities here:

@Havok - all confirmed by Jeph Loeb (the writer) and Tom Brevoort on his formspring i think. These are easter eggs to the happenings in AVX.
Hmmm, interesting article. Doesn't bode well for Gambit, though, does it? Either he is going to get his @ss handed to him by Cap, who takes his bo staff, or he betrays the X Men and sides with the Avengers at some point and gets the Stark upgrade.

On the upside, if these are easter eggs, that means Gambit's role in AvX is probably bigger than we previously thought (for better or worse).

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