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Originally Posted by Brian Braddock View Post
So, anyone wonder if Hela's going to pay a visit to the Thor movieverse anytime soon?

If so, who should play her?

A few years ago, I freely admit to thinking that Nicole Kidman wouldve been great in the role but now I'll concede that someone younger needs to be considered.

In addition to that youth [and talent, obviously] should the actress chosen be beautiful like, say, Charlize Theron or Eva Green [I've always personally seen Hela as being that way, alluring yet obviousy with a killer/icy disposition that would send a person's Spider-sense tingling like mad] or should she just be played by an actress like Tilda Swinton who is not known for their looks but has the perfect demeanour and cheekbones for the role?

Oh, yeah - cheekbones. Forgot to mention. Very important for me. I've always saw Hela as having killer cheekbones [dont ask me why because I honestly couldnt tells ya ].
eva green as hela

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