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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

X-Men live In a Darker world than most comic book characters.It has been said those who read comics start off when they are young with Spider-Man or Superman.When they
get older they get older they draft to batman and finally X-Men.You can often find people still reading X-Men comics In their twenties and even older.

Jennifer Is an oscar nominated Actress.She could pull off what darker direction matthew Vaughn wanted to go.

If Mystique were to go to Xavier and Beast after a possable rape It would have to take Into account are we going to have a X-Men VS Brotherhood film? Are we getting the sentinles?Are we having another Mutant threat like Sinster?

They don't have to show Mystique pregnent for most of film just hint at conception,and have the ending jump several months later where we see her give birth and show how exactly she abandened Nightcrawler as Baby.

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