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Default Re: Green Arrow Series Coming to the CW? (Hartley not attached)

oh totally i think most have been taking things a bit to literal when they said they want to be like batman begins, jason bourne. Which i think many thought that means totally reality based/grounded. I think it will be more, they want to present the world arrow is in as a real place, but what arrow, and potential super heroes/villains do is extradorinary. So that is what i hope they are doing.

Like i said over in the ga thread in tv section before they could present the world as a place like it is for us in real life. But hopefully they dont out right say there is no magic, metas, aliens. The best thing to do is leave the door open for those things to exist. They can just say no metas/aliens/magic folks have gone out public yet. Or there is rumors/myths of those such beings. But everyone brushes it as just that myths/legends/rumors.

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