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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Yeah I liked Bale in TDK a lot. So many nuances in the movie but he's more haunted and conflicted in this one. He didn't have as much expository dialogue to deal with this time. So he had more freedom to move the character into a darker place.

That title of the movie has more than one point narratively speaking. It's not just because of the whole White Knight (Dent)/Dark Knight (Batman) thing. He's given this war his all and inadvertently in doing so made things worse for himself. He seems burdened. Even physically with him being a little more gaunt than in BB it's a great display that it's been a rough road for him since he became Batman.

It's taking it's toll on him and becoming a curse yet he also realizes that he's the only one that could make the decisions that only the Batman could make. The one thing I can't wait to see in the new one is how this is all resolved. He went from optimistic and determined to haunted and in pain because of all the bad stuff he's responsible for (people risking their lives imitating him, crazier & more dangerous kooks like The Joker rising up etc.)

Stakes keep getting higher. I really do wonder how he will end up. I actually wouldn't mind a Batman that quits for the greater good in this version cause in the end it's a powerful if obvious narrative conclusion. If he's done more harm than good to Gotham better to keep with the good and walk away. Use his wealth as Bruce Wayne to make the differences to the city in other ways like Bruce Wayne does in the comics (IE: Helping orphanages, Dr. Thompkins' clinic, helping with the agriculture like recently investing in rebuilding crime alley etc.) without continuing the Batman thing. We'll see.

I enjoy comic book adaptations but I'm a comic book fan first and foremost. Not a comic book movie fan.

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