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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
Bale was just as good in TDK as he was in BB, he was phenomenal in the interrogation scene, and was the best Batman onscreen yet, in *all* of his scenes in costume.

He was also very good as Bruce Wayne, he has a good sly way about him when he is being sarcastic as part of his act, with the little digs at Harvey in the restaurant, and when he makes his grand entrance at the Wayne Penthouse fundraiser. He plays the smartass playboy scenes he was given very well indeed.

I've always particularly enjoyed watching him in the retaurant scene as he gradually switches off the sarcastic act, and looks at Harvey with a grateful, hopeful, sincerity in his eyes, just as Harvey starts giving his 'speech' supporting Batman.
It's like you can see the emotion welling up in him to the point where it would give someone else a noticible choke, or tear to the eye, but of course, he controls this, in order to protect his identity, and all that emotion comes flooding out in the controlled, firm and serious manner in which he promises Dent to get him the financial support he needs for the rest of his life.
Because when Dent is saying 'the Batman doesn't want to do this for the rest of his life', that is the moment that really gets to Bruce, he sees someone sympathising with how difficult the life is, rather than just going on about how badass it is or whatever.
*That* was a *great* Bruce Wayne performance, to say otherwise is absolutely mind boggling to me.

I really don't know what you guys feel was 'off' or missing from those scenes, it's not like he is mumbling into his clothes, or looks lost in any of the scenes, he's totally got control of the scenes and plays them consumantly. I am completely baffled as to how you could like his BW/BM in BB, and dislike it so much in TDK, c'mon, even the difference in Bat-voice can't put you off that much, I mean, that is the only difference in performance I can see.
Unless, it's just the TDK script you have a problem with in regards to BW/BM, as opposed to what Nolan and Goyer had him do in BB.
Originally Posted by Cain View Post
Yeah I liked Bale in TDK a lot. So many nuances in the movie but he's more haunted and conflicted in this one. He didn't have as much expository dialogue to deal with this time. So he had more freedom to move the character into a darker place.

That title of the movie has more than one point narratively speaking. It's not just because of the whole White Knight (Dent)/Dark Knight (Batman) thing. He's given this war his all and inadvertently in doing so made things worse for himself. He seems burdened. Even physically with him being a little more gaunt than in BB it's a great display that it's been a rough road for him since he became Batman.

It's taking it's toll on him and becoming a curse yet he also realizes that he's the only one that could make the decisions that only the Batman could make. The one thing I can't wait to see in the new one is how this is all resolved. He went from optimistic and determined to haunted and in pain because of all the bad stuff he's responsible for (people risking their lives imitating him, crazier & more dangerous kooks like The Joker rising up etc.)

Stakes keep getting higher. I really do wonder how he will end up. I actually wouldn't mind a Batman that quits for the greater good in this version cause in the end it's a powerful if obvious narrative conclusion. If he's done more harm than good to Gotham better to keep with the good and walk away. Use his wealth as Bruce Wayne to make the differences to the city in other ways like Bruce Wayne does in the comics (IE: Helping orphanages, Dr. Thompkins' clinic, helping with the agriculture like recently investing in rebuilding crime alley etc.) without continuing the Batman thing. We'll see.
Great posts.

I actually enjoyed Batman's story more in TDK because of all the consequences he inadvertently caused on Gotham. It's like he opened this big can of worms and now he had to deal with it. The Joker, the copycats, the people of Gotham turning on him, Rachel dying etc. For me that was more interesting than the origin story, which was still great btw.

I think Bale was just as good in TDK.

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