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Default Re: Biggest Disappointment - Part 1

Originally Posted by Thebumwhowalks View Post
He's done more harm than good for Gotham?! There wouldn't be a Gotham if he hadn't taken it upon himself to begin his work as a superhero, Ras would've razed it to the gorund.
Yes and clearly even he feels that way. Batman was a necessity at a time and now it's become a bit of a nuisance. He is now burdened by his decision most especially telling after Rachel dies. This is the arc that flows through BB and TDK when it comes to Bruce Wayne.

1 good (taking out Ra's) led to a series of bads (Arkham inmates being on the loose, the gangs taking more extreme measures in their execution to the point of hiring murderous unpredictable mad men, copycats who are just untrained innocent people putting themselves in harm's way).

That's more than likely why he stepped aside for 8 years in the first place. The "escalation" Gordon talked about is real and if Batman falls back things are bound to die down in terms of the extremities of crime and crime fighting. It's not that his "work is done" I bet $ there are still corrupt officials in Gotham around by TDKR.

It's that he realized that there are less harmful yet more effective means of justice than the one he was dishing out (the Harvey Dent's and Jim Gordon's out there) when it comes to the city's bottom line. He loves Gotham too much to understand that and he falls back. You no longer have anybody trying to call him out and any crime left is enough for the authorities to deal with. Till Bane comes around.

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