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Default Re: The Loki/Tom Hiddleston Thread. We need Loki-Love. - Part 1


1) Joss Whedon after seeing a rough cut immediately wanted Loki to be the bad guy.

2) Does Loki have something to prove to the universe, to his family, or himself?

Loki is still searching for self-respect, a sense of belonging, status, and power. All of these things are being chased through a delusion dream of autocracy and being a king. He was told as a child that he was born to rule. There's a wonderful line by Anthony Hopkins say at the very beginning of Thor when Thor and Loki are both children and that's, "Only one of you can ascend to the throne but both of you were born to be kings." It's a birth right that he's yet to be given his due, so if he can't be king of Asgard then why not let go of Asgard, or any need for it, and go to another realm in the universe and fashion a kingdom of his own over which he can rule and thereby fulfill his destiny as a would-be king. I guess peace or a sense of accomplishment? He's so far gone that he can't see that it's delusional. He's still filled with hatred and hurt for Thor and Odin so he's still running. He hasn't hit rock bottom yet. He's flipped to the dark side and the worst thing is that all of his natural abilities are playing into his power. Even when he was redeemable and looking toward the light, his abilities were dangerous. Now that he's embraced his darkness and the power of his pain, he's much, much more destructive and dangerous. We're dealing with teetering on the dividing line between good and evil. Loki started on one side of the line and is now falling into a deep, dark pit of destruction.

3) How he sees the other Avengers:


"I think Loki and the Black Widow recognize each other because they are both deeply untrustworthy; they are impeccable deceivers so there is a mutual recognition at work.


I think Loki and Tony Stark are equally matched beyond the physical or the emotional. It's like a chess game.


In Loki's mind, Captain is simple and merely a mortal.

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