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Default Re: The Official "Get Marvel's Rights Back!" Thread

So here's what I don't get:

We know that Marvel Studios will never get Spider-Man or the X-Men back. It's just not going to happen, because they're too lucrative for Sony/Fox to let them go.

So if Marvel knows this, then why don't they just create characters for the Marvel Movie Universe that are similar to Spider-Man or the X-Men?

I mean, if the world can have Batman and Daredevil both exist in movies without any legal issues (rich guy with horned cowl and grappling tool fights villains in dark city) then why not make a character like DC's Black Spider, who is an obvious copy of Spider-Man?

Does Sony own the Scarlet Spider? If they do, then come up with another name. Make the character Ben Reilly, or some new character-- Hell, do a Miles Morales version but cut out all references to a previous Spider-Man.

Same goes for the X-Men. You don't need to name your healing, hairy, clawed character "Wolverine"... You could make someone named "Badger" or "Wildclaw" or something.

My point is that the Marvel Movie Universe is a whole other universe, and doesn't need to stick to the rules of the 616 or Ultimate. It could have wholly original characters that are just kind of similar to others. As long as they make enough tweaks and don't use the names that are owned by Sony or Fox, they should be able to make a wall-crawling superhero who cracks wise and shoots silk from his hands, or a team of super-powered mutations that have eye-beams, weather powers, and claws.

They could also just use teams and heroes they DO still own, and tweak them to fill the roles of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man.

For example: Marvel doesn't own the film rights to the Fantastic Four. However, they do own the film rights to Power Pack. So here's an idea:

Make a Power Pack movie, but make it so that Power Pack in the Marvel Movie Universe is a team of young adults instead of kids. Make Alex Power a genius. Alter their powers a little bit; Maybe Mass Master becomes "Mass" and is now a bulky, huge tank character? Maybe they live in a building in New York, and got their powers by going into space, having a crisis, and being granted abilities by a dying alien? Maybe Alex and Julie aren't siblings, but a married couple?

With some tweaks to the story, you could replace the Fantastic Four with a team that resembles them in many ways, but stays clear of the legal boondoggle.

Heck... Replace the X-Men with the New Warriors. Just expand their group a bit to include a bunch of the lesser-known Marvel characters. Swap the hatred for mutants with a hatred for extraterrestrials, and make the majority of the team aliens.

There are ways around this that will allow Marvel to develop some great franchises, and mix them in with the rest of their universe to create that full, detailed world we love so much.

These are all just examples. Some of them suck. But they give an idea how Marvel could replace important characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men and the FF. Writers and producers could do even better, I'm sure.

Oh, hey-- Here's an idea: Replace Spider-Man with Speedball. His powers aren't that similar (but he's still acrobatic) but he has the wit, the right age, and the general "feel" of Spider-Man. Just make him a little more like Parker, and set him loose.

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