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Default Re: The Loki/Tom Hiddleston Thread. We need Loki-Love. - Part 1

Originally Posted by Silvermoon View Post
I prefer him with the jet black Loki hair...though when his hair was that kind of reddish stage and had the reddish goatee for the filming of Henry V, he definitely looks great with that too.

So I'm thinking, for Thor 2, Loki needs to sport a nice goatee to match his dark locks.

(wondering when we're going to get someone coming in again upset at us for fawning over his looks *lol* it's all in good fun!)

No! Hiddleston absolutely cannot wear a goatee as Loki. That would make him so irresistible that even I would start drooling over him. RDJ's sexy goatee is about all I can take, thank you very much.

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