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Default Re: Update the outfit for next solo film

Originally Posted by third3ye View Post
The Avengers outfit looks silly and out of place, thanks to Whedon's effort to transpose the comic suit onto the big screen, IN SPITE of TFA movie making fun of such attempts using the USO suit as an example. Even Ryan Meinerding in an interview stated he wanted to do a modern take of the TFA suit design philosophy but Whedon basically shot him down and said he wanted a suit that's closer to the comics... well we all saw how that turned out!

I'm absolutely in love with the TFA suit because it's a blend of form and function. I find it brilliant the way the original Cap suit's elements are imbedded into the utility components of the TFA suit. And it's got bulk and extra padding, making Evans look more built around the shoulder areas.

Cap 2 should go back to the TFA roots and redesign the Cap suit with more utility and extra padding while still looking like Cap, and lose the thigh zippers please! The new suit needs to look functional yet remain visually appealing. They can keep the Avengers suit as a base but it needs some serious updating.

Can't satisfy every single person out there but when the vast majority thinks the Avengers Cap suit looks ass, it's obviously time for a change.
Complete bollocks.

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