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Default Re: The Loki/Tom Hiddleston Thread. We need Loki-Love. - Part 1

Originally Posted by Scarlettess View Post
Agreed, it also shows that Loki isn't the all evil doer, he still cares for his brother, he knew he couldn't tell him that Odin had done that to him and Sigyn.

I wanna start reading Thor comics again, any suggestions where to start? (preferably featuring Loki lol) also what is the idea of kid Loki? is it like if Thor an get him to grow up and feel more belonged, he won't turn evil or something?
I would say start with JMS's run, but I don't think they focus on Loki much and I usually read Thor comics for Thor himself so I really don't know.

You can always ask Vartha, I'm almost certain he'll know just what to tell you.

Originally Posted by catgirl18 View Post
Thor is a great big brother
He really is, I don't any real person that would put up with as nearly as much from their brother as Thor does with Loki.

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