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Originally Posted by iGiFF View Post
Here is my theory: Ben Kingsley is playing a modified version of The Mandarin, that is more contemporary. He will be Afghani to fit with the Ten Rings of the MCU, and because The Mandarin is a chinese title, they will change his name... I say they should change it to one of his comic book aliases, Gene Khan, Zhang Tong or Tem Borjigin.

This could explain conflicting reports that he is not The Mandarin an that he is... technically, he wouldn't be.
I'd say to use Gene Kahn alias myself. As that doesn't sound as blatantly Far Eastern as the other ones and could still work even if the characer was now of an Indian or Afghan heritage.

Then they can some throw some off-hand remark using the term "The Mandarin" as they did with Iron Monger and War Machine in IM1 and IM2 respectively.

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