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Default MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Okay, here's something to kill time until May 4th: come up with your ideas on how characters that have yet to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe (i.e. the movies connected to the Avengers) could "fit" in it given the tone, etc. that the movies so far have set (which can perhaps best be described as a amalgam of 616 and Ultimate). The characters can be characters from Marvel that have never shown up in the 21st Century wave of superhero movies (Doctor Strange, Black Panther, the Pyms, hell, even Howard the Duck) or it can be characters that Marvel simply doesn't have rights to (Spidey, X-men, Daredevil, etc.) Only rule is that you can't do any spoilers for movies until they have come out on both sides of the Atlantic, and even then try to
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keep them in the spoiler tags
(so if there are any Brits out there who have an idea for So-and-so where the brunt of So-and-so's story is derived from fallout in the Avengers movie, hold off for a week if you can. That said, if it's somebody like She-Hulk, go ahead and say something like "During the events of The Avengers, lawyer Jennifer Walters was badly injured..." just don't say what badly injured her if that thing would be a spoiler,)

Okay, I'll go first with something very simple, Mutants as a species:

Not every "hero" in the world got their powers through science or technology. Some are just born with them- Homo Sapiens Superior, or mutants. Although some people have known of their existence since the 1930s and 40s (including some unsubstantiated claims that Captain America briefly fought alongside a man who could recover from any injury), in general they have been a urban legend, spoken of, sometimes even reported, but never officially said to exist beyond hearsay and ramblings on the fringe of the scientific community. That is, until now, as a group of scientists, led by one Bolivar Trask, have not only revealed their existence to the world, but also have claimed that the Mutants are a threat to humanity's hold onto the planet.

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