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Ant Man and Wasp: Their origins are similar to the Ultimate comics, with slight variations making them similar to the 616 comics. Hank Pym was a brilliant scientist for SHIELD, along with his wife and research assistant Jane Van Dyne (of the new York Van Dynes) until one of his experiments resulted in Pym creating the Pym Particles. The particles can manipulate a human's size and strength. Fury took Pym out of the Lab and put him in the field. (Perhaps because Pym refused to just give Fury the Particles, he doesn't trust them in the hands of anyone else). They were outfitted with weapons, and Pym created a few as well like the helmet that allows them to talk to ants. Pym and Janet became spies and fell into the exciting world of espionage. All this would be done in their own solo movie. By the time they get to the Avengers they are already SHIELD agents and join the same way Hawkeye and Black Widow join, like they are assigned to the team. After the events of Loki and his invasion Fury expanded the team adding Ant Man/Giant Man and Wasp to his team in Avengers 2. They were became part of the team very quickly, but Hank didn't feel quit up to the challenge.
In a later Avengers, 3 or 4, Pym's mental instabilities come full circle and he has a break down. During this shaky time in his life he builds the artificial intelligence Ultron using his own brain patterns as a blueprint. Ultron became the living embodiment of all of Hank's feelings. His irrational thoughts, his jealousy and resentment of his fellow Avengers, his wife, and himself. All of his dark thoughts and feelings became Ultron. So in a way Hank was attacking the Avengers. Ultron then created a weapon of his own, to destroy the Avengers he called Vision. But Vision turned on his creator and joined the Avengers. During the Vison sacrificed himself to stop Ultron. Vision helped Hank redeem himself. Hank rebuilds Vision, this time using another Avenger's brain as a blueprint.
I could add some details later.

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