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Default Re: Did the fact there was hardly any real Nazis in this film hurt it?

What exactly do you think a country is but the ideals it was founded upon? Read the old comics, they were war propaganda. I understand that they want to temper that, with more modern sensibilities (political correctness), but he's still a guy dressed up in an American flag, working for a propaganda machine in the movie.

The Red Skull is supposed to be the embodiment of Nazism / German nationalism. In the comics he was Hitler's right hand man. The movie turns him into a generic evil overlord with a superiority complex. Aside from making him bland, it's not true to the comics.

Well, we wouldn't want to hurt their feelings. This is supposed to be a movie set during World War II, with a high ranking Nazi as its main villain. With the Nazis as villains. It's supposed to be anti-Nazi. What you're saying is political correctness gone mad.

And this is a period piece. Though it's easy to forget.

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