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Default Re: Did the fact there was hardly any real Nazis in this film hurt it?

Originally Posted by Mr. Immortal View Post
All good points Overlord. Like I said above, I like both versions of Skull.

To me, you have to look at the medium and the circumstances. This is a modern swashbuckling adventure movie featuring a pure hearted hero that's supposed to be accessible to everyone. You have only two hours to tell a story. Within THESE circumstances, I think Red Skull is perfect and they did the best job they could.
I felt the movie was too light hearted and not true enough to the time period it was supposed to be set in. I realize they wouldn't have had time to address the Skull's back story in the film, but he still should have been a Nazi and a racist, representing the evils of Nazism. Red Skull being a Nazi and a racist are central to the character in the comics. Red Skull should have committed at least one personalized act of evil in the movie, a petty act of cruelty and sadism that establishes what monster he is, something done not in part of some quest for power, but done for a trivial purpose.

What I didn't like about the Skull in the films, is he was evil for no real reason, just wanting power for power's sake. In the comics, his actions has more purpose, he served the Nazis because his heart was filled hatred and the Nazis gave him an outlet for that. In the movies the Skull's motive was just a thirst power, but in the comics, his motive is hate. Hate is scarier, hate makes people lose their humanity, dehumanize their follow man and has lead to the worst crimes in human history. The type of irrational hate that the Nazis represent isn't something you can scare away or negotiate with, you have to destroy it. That's what Captain America should oppose, not some villain who just wants power because he is the villain.

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