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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Heroes For Hire

build this like they did the Avengers:

Luke Cage: basically it's Spider-Man meets Walking Tall by way of a Tyrese Gibson movie. Luke Cage is a prison inmate who is volunteered for an experimental procedure. They tell him that if it works, they'll let him go, so they blank his entire file. When it works they have no intention of letting him go, but it worked better than they expected and he breaks out (hint that the organization was AIM or Hydra). He makes it back to the city he grew up in only to find out everyone thinks he's dead. He starts going by Luke Cage (his real name was Carl Lucas). NO MENTION OF "Power-Man". He finds out his girl has been killed and tracks down the killer, making way too much heat to stay in one place, so he books before the police, or SHIELD can track him down. "Sweet Christmas" is saved for the end, much like "Hulk Smash" was.

Iron Fist: Batman Begins meets Lord of the Rings by way of a Kung-Fu movie. The movie would show the family crashing in the mountains with only Danny surviving, he is taken to Kun-Lun and taught martial arts, only to have to turn around and defend it from internal betrayal. (admittedly this is a vague idea). movie ends with him leaving to reclaim his father's company in Miami.

Misty Knight: straight up doing a Walking Tall with a cybernetic arm. also allows for a tie in to main universe by actually having RDJ show up as Tony Stark and tell her how he gave her a new arm after hers was blown off in Afghanistan. Only twist on her Walking Tall... she looses. The police who know she was on the side of the angels, but have no proof against the bad guys but lots against her basically say you have to get out of town.

Shang-Chi: This one writes itself. His origin story is even better for today. He's been trained in nealry ever form of martial arts his whole life, but what his Triad boss father does not know is that he has also been trained in the philosophies that go with them; Zen, Buddhism, Hindu, etc. Philosophies of peace. When we join him he's already run away and living in London where he thinks he's safe from his father. Needless to say he's wrong. When gang violence threatens the neighborhood he's moved into, Shang Chi must decide if he wants to remain a pacifist or take up his arms again. however in one fight with a gang of hoodlums one of them gets away, one who knows enough to report the vigilante to his higher ups. Once they know who Shang Chi is, they come at him with everything. He emerges victorious in the end, but runs before his father can bring more men to bare on him. Before he leaves he is approached by MI-13 (Britain's answer to SHIELD), and they offer him a spot. He declines, but before he can leave the agent says, "When you meet Nick Fury, do me a favor; tell him he's a tosser for me." With that he leaves.

The Heroes for Hire would be them all winding up in the same crappy neighborhood in Miami. and Shennanigans ensue.

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