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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Namor-The Submariner: Doesn't get debut in his own movie. In something like Cap 2, the story should be half flash-back of fighting The Submariner. Not normal fighting like he was with Hydra, but Namor would appear while Cap is on a ship enroute somewhere and he they fought and Cap felt bad for Namor, and then in the future he wonders what became of Namor, and you get a shot of Namor wandering the streets as the amnesiac he later becomes. then in his own movie, you open with a shot of a social worker guiding him down to the warm because she over heard him muttering something about the sea. And we get to see Namor history and backstory his parentage, his upbringing and the turmoil he felt and caused in WWII (showing that more often than not he was against the Axis). As the tale ends at the end of the movie, The sea air has brought Namor back to himself (it may be a stretch that he's been in New York all these years and not been near the sea, but bare with me). The social worker who's not sure what to make of the story she's over heard him muttering is shocked when he stands and dives into the ocean, he stripping the human clothes from him as he swims arriving in Atlantis only to find it ruined and abandoned.

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