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Black Panther:
In Iron Man 1 Fury tells Stark that he isn't the only hero. Fury, being director of SHIELD, already knows all about Black Panther and Wakanda. When the Avengers are formed and take off Fury extends a hand to T'Challa, the Black Panther, in hope of him joining the team to help spread good will between America and Wakanda. Maybe even meets him at the UN. BP joins them on a mission, sort of him and Wakanda wanting to spread their good will towards America. It could all be a very political move. Maybe America and Wakanda have been in talks about Wakanda's Vibrinium minds, and Fury assures him this is nothing to do with that even if America's politicians think it does. T'Challa is brilliant like Stark, Pym, and Reed Richards, but a powerful and trained warrior like Captain America. He could help them update their technology and go on a few missions. Black Panther could be like Batman on the JLA, never a real member but is willing to lend a hand.
His rich history about him, Wakanda, and what the Black Panther is, can be somewhat touched on in the Avengers movies but all the details would be saved for his own movie. Without seeing the Avengers movie I am not sure how they would handle it, but I would guess it would be similar to how they introduce Hawkeye in the Avengers movie. He is probably there, explained as a SHIELD agent, shown to have some important and maybe emotional scenes, but the film wont delve into his past (whether he is the 616 circus performer trained by the Swordsman or the Ultimate version who has a wife and kids) I don't see them going into his story, while most of the others already had their movies.
Similar to how Thor is a demi god and royalty in a way, BP being the king of Wakanda would be played up. To show he isn't just some soldier or vigilante, he is a King.
His run on the team could be him being the team's scientist or Super Soldier type, depending on when he is brought into the Avengers. Because I could see him being brought in after the original cast has left, or in the next 2 Avengers movies with the original cast still there.

This appearance would spin off into his own movie, Black Panther. In this film we go deep into the rich history. We see his father was king, and the Black Panther, and it is explained that so was his grandfather, and his great grandfather. But the Black Panther is chosen in combat against the current BP. It would be explained the rich history of what the Black Panther is, and what he means to Wakanda. T'Challa is set to be the next Black Panther but his kingdom is attacked by Man-Ape and Klaw, and this could be what starts everything. This could be the beginning of the road T'Challa takes to becoming the next Black Panther. This movie would be very actionay, but also show some politics and would be centered around Wakanda. Maybe at the end of this movie, once T'Challa has become the new Black Panther and defeated Klaw or Man-Ape, he reinstates Wakanda's isolation from the rest of the world. The movie could be a big explanation why Wakanda has cut itself off from everyone.

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