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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Fantastic Four: Could probably work relatively well as-is, although the origin would probably be closer to their "ultimate" origin than the 616 thing. I sort of liked how Avengers:EMH portrayed the FF: if the Avengers are fighters that occasionally explore the mysteries of the universe, the FF are explorers who fight. That's how a MCU FF should be.

Spider-Man: Could work sort of as a cross between 616 and Ultimate. Every once and a while Fury shows up to try and get him to either stop before he gets somebody killed (which leads Spidey to snap at Fury that he does this BECAUSE he got somebody killed), or to join up with SHIELD and get proper training (sort of like what happened a few times in the comics and the new Ultimate Spidey cartoon). While Pete certainly is willing to help whenever he can (and he idolizes many of the Avengers), he normally is too busy with his own problems (both in and out of costume) to do so on a regular basis.

Daredevil: Sort of like Spider-man, but less so, Daredevil is more of a shadowy figure, more aimed at the down-to-earth threats that people like the Avengers, Fantastic Four and SHIELD aren't often looking at. Occasionally teams up with Spider-Man, the Heroes for Hire and (reluctantly) the Punisher, but isn't the type who will get caught up in world-shaking stuff. Origin and such would remain roughly intact, although maybe they could say that the toxic stuff that blinded him and gave him his powers was being moved between SHIELD sites or was a Stark Industries truck or something, as a nod to the rest of the MCU.

(As a note, if Spidey and DD ever were to go back to Marvel Films', I think it'd be cool if, like Kingpin was a behind-the-scenes influence in both of their movies, then finally there'd be a team-up movie where the two team up and take him down)

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