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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

FF need to be their own TV series, but a distant part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I imagine it as going back to the beginning on them first episode would Trace Reed's path on becoming friends with Ben as a teenager, then hiring both Ben and Johnny as test pilots for his R&D division as an adult, and meeting Johnny's sister and, as a favor to Johnny getting Sue a job in marketing as a spokesmodel for their cosmetics branch while she finishes her masters in business. (In this Sue is Johnny's younger sister, but still more responsible). Their origin would be closer to the original. Instead of going to the moon they are testing an experimental FTL drive based on a prototype "Cosmic Reactor", however they are unsure of the shielding for the cockpit. On their maiden flight (which is down without the concent of the FAA as Reed is being pressured by his father) the shielding does in fact crack, causing a minor EMP. Reed gets Johnny to taking manual control (as he is the better pilot between him and Ben), and assigns Ben to fix the leak. As Reed is desperately reprogramming their navigation he sees a strange face reflected in the view screen. a wide head with large eyes that seem to contain stars (Uatu). he says nothing and gets them home. They crash on a small pacific island and Reed kills the Cosmic Reactor and seeds out the SOS (they aren't stranded so much as waiting for a ride). while there, the changes begin. They are kept secret at first by Nathaniel Richards because of the bad press it could cause for the company. They are hidden away in the baxter building while Reed desperately tries to cure Ben.

Reed grows closer to Sue, who he's had a crush on since meeting her, while tension mounts between Johnny and Ben who never got along to begin with, and Ben for the first time in his life resents Reed (Ben has always been a protector for Reed ever since childhood). This all culminates in a fight that carries into the street blowing their cover. It is about to get worse when a monster erupts from the street and they are forced to deal with it.

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