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Default Re: Bane... The new Darth Vader?

Originally Posted by ThePunisher View Post
The similarities are minimum, but:

Bane wears a mask like Darth Vader
Bane could die or suffer some pain if his mask is removed, like Darth Vader
They're agents of chaos, one from the league of shadows and the other from the empire.
Both are the mastermind behind all the plans

And the most important: they are the incarnation of pure evil...
Neither Vader nor Bane are agents of Chaos. Bane and Vader both want order. The League of Shadows and the Empire both want to rule with an iron fist.

This is why I say it's the ballot or the bullet.
It's liberty or it's death.
It's freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody.
America today finds herself in a unique situation... to become involved in a bloodless revolution
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