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Default Re: The Loki/Tom Hiddleston Thread. We need Loki-Love. - Part 1

Originally Posted by Scarlettess View Post

More Loki/Tom praise!:
Also the fact that I felt genuinely creeped out by looking at Loki and thinking “I hugged that body the other day” is a huge testament to how utterly disgusting and evil Tom Hiddleston plays him in this movie. I am paralyzed by acting awe.

Also bit from Tom (I heard this before but i cant remember where so ill just post it anyway lol)

“Chris Hemsworth punched me in the face, but I asked him to do that, so I forgive him. We were doing this fight scene and Joss [Whedon] was saying, ‘Guys, I feel like it’s just really, well, it just needs to be more. I’m just not really feeling it.’ So we’re trying to do it, and I was just like, ‘Chris, just punch me!’ It was great. It looks amazing.” — Tom Hiddleston
Thor punching Loki in the face, that's awesome because I love when Thor fights without Mjolnir.

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