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Default Re: The Official X-Related Questions and Answers Thread

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
What does Fantomex look like? Has his face ever been revealed without that mask? Is there a reason why he always keeps it on? He sometimes has it on halfway, but its always covering his head and eyes. At first I thought he might be horribly disfigured like Deadpool but we've seen parts of his face and I think he's supposed to be potrayed as handsome,so that theory is out the window. Are they trying to keep him mysterious like Wolverine was?
We've never really seen his face from what I can recall. I don't think he's ugly or anything, I think the point of him is it doesn't matter what he looks like, it's his actions that define him. He does have jet black hair, it's been shown, I just don't remember when.

He recently had his face cut off by the Skinless Man in UXF so maybe when it gets reattached it will give him some nasty scars.

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