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Default New Ironman gear ideas

Hey everyone.

My group and I have been working on a project for class at Indiana University which involves designing new gear and equipment for a superhero. Our group decided on Ironman and we began coming up with ideas, and after creating many ideas and narrowing it down, we decided which one to base our final design idea on.

The piece we decided on was an attachment to the suit which adds 3 extra utilities to the suit's current capabilities--including a long range weapon attached to the back, a cloaking device, and an energy shield generator attached to the wrist. Despite the suit's current large array of abilities, we feel like this gives him an extra layer of depth by making up for his low amount of defensive and long range capabilities with this attachment without changing who he is as a superhero.

Post whatever you think about the idea, how you think it would affect him, and what you would critique and improve upon. We'll also get some pictures posted up soon of our current design when they're ready to show off.

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