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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

James Asmus and Clay Mann are on the new Gambit ongoing series, starting in August.

"This book focuses on the two most important aspects of Gambit," Asmus says. "Number one, that he's sexy. Number two, that he's the preeminent badass thief of the Marvel Universe."

Asmus says the story will take him away from the X-Men and get him more involved in the Marvel Universe as a whole.

He's looking to take signature Marvel elements and look at them from a "heist motif."

"We got rid of the head sock," Asmus says of Gambit's look in the ongoing series. "Clay draws a very handsome Gambit, and some sexy ladies that we'll have him tussle with, in every sense of the word."

"We couldn't be more excited. The book is going to be fun and a runaway train, once it gets started it's just going to be an endless series of events," ones that pull him into morally ambiguous territory, Asmus says.

Asmus says they're looking to make it as accessible to "new and lapsed" Gambit fans as possible.

Ketchum calls it a "fresh take" on Gambit. "You get this impossible riddle and watch him try to solve it."

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