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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for Marvel's The Avengers! (TAG SPOILERS!!!)

Figured I'd just paste my review in here as well .....

My mind was officially blown to smithereens this morning. I pretty much still need a whole day to allow all the awesomeness (which is boiled over in my head like suds in an over-filled washing machine) to settle. Guys, Whedon re-shaped how you do comic book movies. I got out of the film absolutely beaming. I think the guys at 93.3 KDKB got a kick out of me when they interviewed me about my reaction to the film. Wow ....just wow. I'm trying to figure out how to describe my experience so bare with me.

As one can expect from Whedon, he was on point with the dialogue. His natural sense for wit and timing really brings these characters to life in ways you haven't seen. After seeing Cabin in the Woods last weekend, I knew we were going to get a good amount of one-lines for laughter. I can't even recall how many there were .... in fact we're going to need a thread just to discuss all of our favorite ones once you all have seen the film. Stark brings the heat in that regard. He's probably landed 75% of them. LOL. Joss understands that the comedy is essential to get people loosened up, especially when you've got many outlandish elements. As far as the cinematography, I was concerned beforehand. Rest easy guys. So many beautiful shots. The pictures you've seen do not do this movie any justice. The transitions when they're fighting the alien horde were top notch.

In a film with multiple superheroes they had to figure out a way to stretch these guys thin like a 3 year old rubber band about to snap. Objective achieved guys. It was done in two-fold fashion. After you get thru the first act of being reintroduced to your players, the 2nd half is chalk full of tension tension tension. It's at this point everyone is pretty much sick and tired of each other (making Loki a happy man) .... guys are squabbling, Cap is baiting Stark ...... and then the real mayhem breaks loose.

The third act is every bit the "war" film Whedon wanted to make. The action just keeps coming .... it has to, because again the heroes need to be overwhelmed to raise the stakes. So you went from them being mentally exhausted with each other, to now being nearly physically exhausted in battle ..... having to reach for that last ounce of effort to overcome.

Ever hero in this film got a legitimate chance to shine. Whedon really knew how to pass the baton in that regard. Heck, I even liked Evans' Cap instead of just kind of having to put up with him in his solo film ..... that's all due to Joss. It's never more apparent than with a character like Black Widow who was so poorly/thinly written in IM2. When being pressed for who shined the most, I can honestly say that is a truly tricky question. They are going to have a tough time going back to the solo films after the treatment all these guys got. BTW, the Loki in this film is every bit the Loki we deserved to see ..... powerful, wretched, scheming, and down right bad mofo.

So many iconic moments ..... essentially there might be some complaints about the duration of certain inter-hero spats, but that's only because you never want it to end ..... hell, I never wanted the movie to end period. I can't wait for you guys to see the Thor-Hulk fight/interactions because Whedon put a nice little cherry on top when they're fighting the aliens. Speaking of the Hulk it took some time into the movie for me to get adjusted to Ruffalo, but I give him credit. He worked out just fine in an ensemble kind of way. The Hulk was beautiful. What else was there to expect really with technology having improved significantly since the last version. He's far more ape-ish in this one. Just wait till you see him meet the flying snake thing for the first time.

Man ..... seriously can't wait to see this again. I have a few complaints, but the rest of the movie is so good that it really doesn't matter. I thought the first act sort of shoe-horned in Loki/Thor a little bit. The meeting between Loki and the Chitauri general felt rushed. I was curious if they would show where he's been ..... they did, but it needed just a few more moments to develop. The first act also has some issues trying to find a good balance. The 3D was an issue for me as well, particularly in those space scenes.

I was blessed today. That's all I can say ...... well that and the end credits gave me my other wish. Anyone who's read my posts on this site know what/whom I've been asking for.

9.5 out of 10 ..... I can't say 10 because no movie is ever flawless in my opinion, but this one got close enough for it's genre.

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