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Default Re: What would you have done in the x-men origins:wolverine

Going to admit up front, I stopped reading comics well before Wolvie's origin story was finally written (and I'm not sure I'd like it any better than this movie) so this whole mess with he and Sabretooth being brothers and their being in a team with Wade Wilson, etc... turns my stomach.

Having said that, one very simple thing would have made this movie much more enjoyable. Balls. Every movie I watch a movie with Wolverine in it he's stumbling around, second guessing, getting beaten up, etc... In these insipid movies good has to equal defensive underdog. What they don't grasp is, while Wolverine is a good guy, he's also brutal, aggressive, and matter-of-fact. He doesn't dwell on decisions or events. He processes and moves on.

Oh, and he can also smell the freaking difference between a dead person and a live person.

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