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Default Re: Bryan Singer's X-men 3 Revealed!

So, considering Singer is responsible for X1 and X2 (both of which might as well have been called Whimpy Wolverine and those X people), am I the only one who would rather he just simply go away and give someone else more willing to do the X-Men justice a shot?

X3 was horrible (as has been said). Not one redeeming quality in the whole thing. Having said that, the previous two were, for me, nearly as bad. I haven't yet seen First Class and I'm not sure I want to knowing who made it. What's truly heartbreaking is finally seeing the X-Men, a childhood staple, get some attention only to watch the train wreck of the past ten years unfold. I thought for sure they would do in the movies what the cartoons seemed completely unable to. Now I just find myself hoping for a respite and a batman-like reboot.

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