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Default Re: Avengers Sequel ideas?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
If Kevin Feige is still on the idea of there not being an Incredible Hulk 2, I say they could tie up the loose events from TIH into a sequel of the Avengers. Just push back any villain that is hinted at in a first movie and use the Masters of Evil for Avengers 2 with Leader and Abomination in with the team. And then maybe use General Ross and Betty as well. A perfect idea in tying up what happened with The Incredible Hulk if there isn't a sequel, or at least a sequel anytime soon.

Masters of Evil:
- Red Skull
- Mandarin
- Enchantress
- Executioner
- Leader
- Abomination
I like the idea of Masters of Evil for the sequel, but Zemo needs to lead the team. Maybe bring back Red Skull for Cap 2 or 3.


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