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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

A big reason I'm not concerned about this film suffering from the 3rd movie curse is I feel Nolan has been improving steadily with each film. As in, regardless of which is your favorite, I think in each film he's made since Memento, there's at least one area that he expands on or shows a marked improvement in.

At the same time, he's maintained a consistency and familiar quality about his work (which comes along with working with the same crew, writing and writing with Jonah, etc.) where he's established himself as an auteur.

So with that, I present my 8 reasons (one for each year that's passed since TDK ) why I personally feel this film will smash through that pesky curse and become one of the most revered film trilogies ever made:
  1. The Dark Knight Rises will probably feel like an organic part of a whole, not just in that it brings the story full circle but simply in that it will most likely uphold the feel of the first two films.
  2. Nolan will probably have employed every trick he knows, meaning everything he's learned as a filmmaker up through Inception.
  3. He's consistently tried to make the scope of his films larger and larger and The Dark Knight Rises, by all accounts, seems to be on the grandest scale yet.
  4. Where trying to go super "big" has probably backfired on a lot of third movies faced with the challenge of outdoing a huge second film, Nolan's insistence on story first should keep everything woven every tightly together as it did in TDK.
  5. The mere fact that this is a definite conclusion means that the stakes must be higher than ever; a big story with big ideas should naturally manifest in gigantic action set pieces. There's no reason to hold back anything.
  6. Nolan is well-aware of the "trilogy curse" and originally cited it as a possible reason not to to a third Bat-film in a 2008 interview. It's clear that the effort is being made to ensure that this film doesn't fall into a lot of the classic pitfalls of a misfired third movie.
  7. Out of all the screenplays for this trilogy, this one had the most time to cook in the oven. There's no exact timeline out there, but based on what we know about when Bane was decided on by Nolan and Goyer, it's reasonable to believe Jonah had started work on the script at some point in late 2008/early 2009. That's a whole 2 to 2 1/2 years of work before it was passed off to C-Nol to polish off. Extremely long time. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's a better script than The Dark Knight. Jonah Nolan said it took him only a few weeks to hammer out a first draft of TDK with Chris/Goyer's outline. Let's face it, Jonah being the fan that he is, fleshing out a super dramatic Batman/Joker/Harvey story was probably like stealing candy from a baby. This movie presented a greater challenge, and it probably took a lot of time to work through it. The main thing is that this was not rushed by any means, and hopefully Jonah slugging it out for all that time by himself yielded some potent stuff.
  8. Most important of all:
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