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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

An easy one:
"Black Panther"
Basically Thor meets Iron Man by way of Blade. T'Challa is an african prince going to school in America who finds out his country is in civil war, that General M'Baka has staged a coup against his uncle, the regent. With American diplomat Everett Ross in tow he returns home, and is struck by the Rwanda/Last King of Scotland/Somalia-level desperation that exists there. He must then journey and fight and learn to become the true Black Panther, and regain his kingdom from the sadistic General M'Baka and the manipulative mercenary Ulysses Klaw, becoming Wakanda's rightful ruler.

@cryptic name - That is a brilliant way to do the origin in a theme park ride, and it solves so, so many problems that can come from rushing an origin. Very, very cool.

A harder one:
George Tarleton is the head scientist for AIM, he's brilliant, and ruthless and he has a deep curiosity about life. His latest experiment, involving some innocent supporting cast member and some high tech stuff, including pym particles goes awry when Ant-Man/Black Widow/Captain America/Nick Fury/The Hero of the Movie busts up his lab in the process of rescuing the supporting cast member. He is caught in the explosion and his head is saturated with Pym particles, increasing it in size tenfold, his body is shrunken a bit as well, and he is almost killed. It is here he realizes that science is not enough, he must destroy the hero. He is quickly able to construct a life supporting harness from his Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing weapon system/device, and with his new increased brain power he begins inventing at a rapid rate, causing incredible problems for whoever the hero of the movie is... of course, eventally he's defeated, but you have this big headed scientist with weapons and a totally ridiculous name, all within about ten minutes of screen time.

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